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Bunions: What is a Bunion and Why Did I Get One?

Bunions (a.k.a hallux valgus) is a common condition in the Western world. In Latin, hallux valgus  means ‘bit toe’ ‘turning outward’, and a bunion looks just like that on an x-ray: it looks like a bit of your toe is poking out.

But a bunion is more than a bump—it’s a complex deformity of the first toe. The first metatarsal turns inward and rotates, and the toe moves outward.  The ‘bump’ you feel is a combination of bone and soft tissue.


What causes a bunion?

Why do bunions hurt?

Every bunion deformity is unique and requires diagnosis by a physician. At Southwest Orthopedic Group, we work to customize bunion treatment to each patient.


The American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) has more information about bunions at FootCareMD.


For more questions or to set up an evaluation, contact Dr. Stautberg’s office at 281-977-4870.

Eugene Stautberg, MD

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